Woodgate Financial Planning Ltd is an associated business of Moss Solicitos LLP and was established in 2003 when we realised many clients did not obtain satisfactory financial advice. Woodgate offers independent financial planning advice to Moss clients, where appropriate, and is conveniently based in our Loughborough offices. By combining their financial expertise with our legal expertise clients receive the best possible advice and a cost-effective service.

The service Woodgate provides is unique. Their advisors spend time with clients understanding what’s important to them, agreeing their objectives, assessing assets and making plans to achieve their monetary goals.

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David Wright DipPFS
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Anna Sidat DipPFS
Financial Planner
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Ross Mackie APFS
Financial Planner
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Tom Clarke
Trainee Financial Planner
Mrs. Wall - Because you are looking after my investments it is helping me with my welfare. Anytime I have had a need for advice Woodgate's staff have been very helpful

Free Advice

Woodgate provides a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your requirements and find out how it can help you. To make an appointment you can contact them by:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

Financial Planning & Advice

Your personal and financial circumstances are unique to you and will have different aspects which would benefit from the careful scrutiny of a Trusted Financial Adviser.

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    • At Woodgate we have refined a comprehensive financial planning process.
    • Information is collated using a tool called a Financial Road Map which we use to build a comprehensive step by step action plan designed to enable you to achieve your goals.
    • Your Plan will be fully comprehensive and include advice on investments, asset allocation, risk management, taxation & estate planning, retirement and legal advice.
    • We meet with you at least yearly (maybe six monthly depending on your personal situation) to review progress and make any recommendations.

Tax & Estate Planning

Whether it is capital gains tax mitigation, income tax relief or inheritance tax planning, we can provide guidance on helping you save tax.

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    • Thinking about and planning exactly how you want your estate distributed is important. Our Estate Planning Service will help you ensure that your wealth is preserved, protected and passed on to your heirs whilst minimising your tax burden.

Investments & Wealth Management

An appropriate investing strategy is a powerful tool that can help you set goals and create the comfort and security necessary to achieve your life goals. Over the years we have developed and refined this area of our work, based on solid investment theory and practice, and our own observations and experience of what works.

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    • For many clients, the management and review of their investments is an important part of the service we offer.
    • We have made a substantial investment in information technology and systems to ensure plans are built taking into account your attitude to investment risk.

Retirement Planning

When planning for your retirement, we encourage you to think about what you need to have in place to support your chosen lifestyle and what you want to make the most of your new life.

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    • When it comes to planning for the future, most people think of retirement.
    • Retirement can be a time to do the things that you may not been able to do while working such as travelling, starting a business, studying, pursuing your hobby, being closer to family, or simply relaxing.
    • Because retirement is such an important phase in your life, careful planning is important.
    • For many of our Clients the peace of mind of knowing they have someone they can trust to help make it happen for them is reassuring.

Care Fee Planning

Entering care or choosing care for an elderly relative is something most of us have very little experience of. We will work with you to consider the funding options available, and in conjunction with Moss Solicitors help you find your way through the legislation and benefits maze.

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    • You will want to be certain the right care is provided in the best setting, but you may also be aware the cost of care will be an important consideration too.
    • The current care funding system is extremely complex to find your way around, creating stress and worry about what is the best solution for you or your loved one and whether it will be affordable in the longer term.
    • We can find an appropriate solution for you in conjunction with Moss Solicitors.
    • For further information read our Guide to Care Fee Planning or schedule a free 30 minute consultation with an adviser