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Our Employment Department advises employers and employees in relation to all types of disputes in the workplace. Our services range from quick telephone advice to representation at an employment tribunal and covers matters such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination and breach of contract.

Employment law helpline

We are please to offer an employment law helpline which provides employers with direct access to unlimited telephone advice on an ad-hoc basis in relation to employment law issues on which guidance is required.

The benefits of the scheme include cash flow certainty (as there is an option to spread the cost of the helpline by instalments) and the knowledge that advice will be provided by properly qualified legal advisors within whom you already have a trusted business relationship with. For more details about the helpline, please contact us.

Settlement agreements

The Employment Department regularly advises employees on the terms of settlement agreements upon the termination of employment.

Our team will discuss the circumstances giving rise to the termination to ensure that clients fully appreciate the nature and effect of the agreement they are asked to sign. Where necessary, our solicitors can negotiate directly with employers/their representatives to ensure that the terms of the agreement are as favourable to the client as possible.

The Department understands the importance of dealing with these matters in a timely and cost efficient manner, so will discuss any relevant deadline with clients at an early stage.

Drafting contracts and handbooks

Employers frequently do not realise the importance of having a properly drafted suite of documents in place for their staff, or only realise when it is too late and a dispute has arisen.

Our Employment Department regularly drafts a wide range of documents for clients ranging from basic statements of terms for employees to bespoke employment contracts for senior members of staff and a wide range of policies and procedures governing matters as diverse as attendance at work, pay rewards and benefits, training and development and disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Unfair dismissal

Although there are exceptions, employees generally have protection from unfair dismissal once they have worked for their employer for two years.

This means that an employer will need to show a fair reason for dismissing an employee and will need to follow a fair process in reaching its decision to end employment.

If you believe that you are being or have been dismissed in the absence of a fair reason or process, contact one of our advisors. Strict time limits apply and so it is important to obtain prompt advice to ensure that the right to bring a claim for unfair dismissal has not been lost. We can assist at all stages of a a claim including in respect of early conciliation (the initial stage before a claim is formally issued).


Details of our fees can be found on the Pricing pages of our website.

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